Sometimes in life it seems the fight is over (fatcamp) wrote,
Sometimes in life it seems the fight is over

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My friend jumped infront of a train, she had an argument with her boyfriend and killed herself. At Grove Park station, she was going to university in september and she killed herself. I'm not going to her funeral, I cant. I have to geta card for her parents, I cant face it, I have to send it to them rather than go round the corner to put it through the letterbox.

My mum said that jumping infront of trains is the only thing that's definately final, other suicide attempts wont always work, but that jumping infront of trains is for people who know they wont survive it.

I walked to school with her everyday for the last 2 years, we used to go to drama, I went to her 15th birthday and she came to my 13th. Should I tell people I know that know her? Are you supposed to make sure very knows when someone dies? Fionualla's dead?

Also Matty wants to sell me two x two day download + camping tickts, £40 the pair. I might buy them, I miss John, and Leon, and everyone.
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*big hug and kiss*
hope you get through this ok, its really upset me just reading that so i cant even imagine how it must be for you
take care
Thankyou x
omg thats awful *hugs and kisses and stuff* hope you're ok though and get through this.
Thankyou x

thats terrible,
Hope you're ok Julesy. I know this message sucks.

I love you x
julietjulietjuliett *cuddles you* im really sorry. i guess theres never anything helpful that you can say at times like this but i just want you to know that im here for you if you ever want to talk or just, anything at all. i really really hope that youre as ok as is possible, am thinking about you and love you many many lots! <3 Jen xoxoxoxoxox
*huggles* theres nothing i can say...
i think i saw u again on friday
x x x
You should have said hellllllllllo
i was in a caaaaaarrr !!!
x x x
sooooo i couldnt morph through the car like neo! because A)im not from the matrix and B) it isnt a morph through car :P
x x x


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14 years ago

its ok, i thought it was something like although u mite not want to (which i hav no prob with) u can tell me... ::KISS!
thats awful. im so sorry, jules.
A card is for birthdays. Parents don't want to read Hallmark greetings after their child has commited suicide. This was your best friend, you should have allowed yourself the time.